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Makite Coffee House in Kuta, Bali 🇮🇩

From one Kuta to another Kuta... From Lombok to Bali, always searching for mocha.

One morning, I wandered from Kuta Beach into the labyrinthine alleyways of the town in search of a mocha. Makite Coffee House is not a place you would stumble upon as it's at a dead-end. I was the first customer of the day, presumably, as the lights weren't even on till I came inside.

I ordered my iced mocha as usual, and I was a bit surprised by the glass. Almost like a cocktail glass of sorts, I suppose. It was truly a small glass, but honestly, that was for the best. Moderately sweet, ever so slightly bitter. And a very strange, yet faint, chocolate flavor. I can't say that this was good. It wasn't bad either, at least for the price. A cheap mocha in an unusual glass at just 27,000 IDR (~$1.77).

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