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Milk Espresso in Kuta, Lombok 🇮🇩

In a sleepy beach town on Lombok Island, there's a friendly little coffee shop. Milk Espresso has the usual coffee choices, but most importantly, it has mocha on the menu. Obviously I preferred iced seeing that it's the tropics and it's an open-air shop. I sat the bar facing the road and sipped on my mocha. Ice cold, large glass, metal straw. Pretty typical mocha flavor, though a bit of a grainy chocolate powder. Lightly sweet and slightly bitter. The chocolate taste is there, but not overly strong. And the milk subdued the coffee flavor.

The shop itself is quite nice, and the staff are super friendly. I revisited the next day, and they already knew I wanted a mocha without me even having to ask. Worthwhile at 40,000 IDR (~$2.63).

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